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How does this work?

Whitening gels are applied to teeth 



Teeth are exposed to high intensity

UV blue light source

All is completed in approximately an hour!

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Teeth Whitening Before & After photo



  • Have you already tried over-the-counter remedies such as whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, or home kits designed to whiten teeth?

  • Have you experienced the frustration with how long the process takes, and how little change occurs, and how short-lived the results are?​​

  • Have you forgotten or chosen not to complete all the applications because it was too slow a process?

  • Are you inconsistent with the application and the repetition needed to make the at-home treatments work?

  • Do you hesitate to use pastes and strips that might have chemicals or unknown ingredients?

  • After all the work, have you noticed very little shade difference in the whitening of your teeth?

  • Would you rather a faster, safer, more efficient process that whitens your teeth between 5-14 shades in an hour and lasts 1-2 years?*

  • Then in-office accelerated teeth whitening sounds like it may be right for you.

   *Dietary habits of each person play a role in how long the whitening effect lasts.

  • We use a combination of high intensity ultra-violet blue light and natural food-grade whitening gel to safely remove years of staining from your teeth.


  • Our gels are manufactured in the USA and regulated by the FDA. The minerals also rebuild and strengthen the enamel.

  • Our gels are gluten-free, made without preservatives, and are safe for existing dental work.

  • The natural ingredients and formula also work to kill Gingivitis with long-lasting effects.

  • Our process is fast, effective and offers immediate results- all in one visit.


  • The average shade improvement is between 5 to 14 shades.


  • Our whitening process is good for teeth that have been stained by tobacco, foods, beverages, smoking, and discoloration due to age.

  • We also see great results with tetracycline and fluoride staining.


  • Our system is convenient, safe, and painless.

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