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Lehigh Valley's
#1 MOST accommodating
in-office teeth whitening clinic

Why do people come to New Wave Accelerated Teeth Whitening?

  1. They are embarrassed by their teeth discoloration and want to change their appearance.​

  2. They have time constraints and want teeth whitening results quickly.

  3. They are seeking new jobs, positions, or careers and need to make a great first impression.

  4. They are going to a special event and want to have a show-stopping smile.

  5. They are preparing for upcoming special photos.

  6. They want to improve their overall physical appearance.

  7. They want to be able to smile with confidence.

 We are Accessible!


EASY RIDE!  via Route 22, Highway 33, and Interstate 78

FREE PARKING!  right outside the door

FLEXIBILITY!  to accommodate your schedule 

EASY BOOKING!  online or by phone

  • We will remove or fade discoloration from your teeth quickly, safely and effectively.

  • We will leave your teeth as white as possible upon completion.

  • We will answer all questions and explain the entire process.

  • Client well-being and satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Or call 610-295-5343 to book by phone

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