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New Wave Teeth Whitening 5 Star Reviews_

Read Our Google 5-Star Reviews

Painless and Quick

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"My fiancee and I decided to get our teeth whitened just before our wedding. My first impression walking through the door was instantly relief with how clean the place was. Not only was the place spotless but it also had a pleasant clean smell. As for the whitening, it was a painless quick 1 hour process with obvious results. We would definitely come back and recommend anyone that wants a Whitening to come here."

Mike S./Pottstown PA

Great Price, Great Work

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"Great Customer service Nice, clean & Comfortable practice. Jonathan was very professional. Great pricing for great work. I’m overly satisfied with my results and experience. Thank you!!"

Leah C./Tobyhanna PA

Wedding Whitening

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"My future husband and I went to get our teeth whitened before our wedding on Saturday and this place went above our expectations. The room was so comfortable and we were checked on constantly to make sure that we stayed relaxed. It was our first time ever getting our teeth whitened and we are both over impressed with the results!"

Danielle C./Cresco PA

Will Refer Others Here

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"Speedy service, John Was Able To Bring My Whiteness Back Almost Instantly. Will be referring other people here !"

Eric V./ Freemansburg, PA

Thrilled With My Results

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"I am so thrilled with my results ! I never thought my teeth would be so white. Eric you are amazing, I will recommend you to everyone and will definitely be back."

Cathryn G./Nazareth, PA

Truly Instant Results

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"5/5! Straight forward, direct, relaxing, & great atmosphere with even greater results! I never liked the outcome with any products or other locations, but I am super happy with my one visit here. He even takes before and after photos for you to compare and there truly are instant results:) Thanks!

Rebecca I.E Stroudsburg PA

Highly Recommend

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"Highly recommend getting your teeth whitened here! I can’t believe how much whiter Jon was able to get my teeth! Jon is really nice and professional, and makes sure you’re comfortable before your whitening. Very, very clean environment - I will definitely be coming back!"

Elizabeth D./ Bethlehem ,PA

Definitely See the Difference

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"It was a pleasant experience and visit. Owner was very polite and friendly, made sure I was comfortable and put a movie on for me to enjoy while my teeth whitened. My results were great, showed me before and after pics and I can definitely see the difference. I’d absolutely recommend."

Mahogany F./Allentown, PA

Amazing Resultss

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"My daughter and I will definitely be going back to New Wave in the future. The office is clean, modern, and inviting. The treatment room is very comfortable and the owner was professional and personable. And on top of that, our results are amazing!! We’re both very happy. It was a great experience!"

Mary Y./ Allentown, PA

Better Than NJ Dentists

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"I'm 68 and was not happy with my yellowing and stained teeth. I found New Wave's Website and decided to give them a call and book an appointment. I am happy I did.

My teeth are significantly whiter than before and I am happy not only with the results but also the price. I always ask my dentist how much the procedure is when I go for my biannual cleanings and as much as I wanted to get the whitening done the price was prohibiting.

Same treatment at New Wave and a beautiful office, less money and they had movies to watch (my dentist just had music!).

I came from New Jersey, drove about an hour and a half, but it was a nice day for a ride and well worth it considering the hundreds of dollars I saved. .......and I got a "free movie"!"

Frank V./Bloomingdale, NJ

Attention to Detail

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"It Was A Great Experience, He Explained Every Step Along The Way, He Paid Attention To Detail To What Worked For Both My Husband And I. We Will Definitely Come Back! Professional, Punctual, and Polite. Absolutely Amazing."

Jasmine D./Stroudsburg, PA

Above and Beyond

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"Went with my boyfriend to get teeth whitening done. Owner went above and beyond! Our teeth are the whitest they’ve ever been and he made everything super comfortable. It was very clean and affordable too! Will definitely be going back."

Alana C./Pocono Lake, PA

Incredible Value

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"Great experience for me and my son. He's a teenager and had very stained teeth for some reason. We went in and John set us up with a movie to watch while our teeth brightened up. The price was an incredible value for only having spent an hour for both of us to feel so much better about our appearance. I will visit again."

Troy S./West Lawn, PA

Great Price, Fantastic Results

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"I was quoted about $600 for teeth whitening at my dentist's office and thought that was absurd. The price at New Wave is great and the results are fantastic! The place was absolutely spotless! Jon was very helpful and answered any and all questions I had. I felt right at home and was completely impressed at how white my teeth got! Love my smile and can't wait to come back! Stop by the office, you won't regret it!"

Liz M./Bethlehem, PA

1,000% Recommendation

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"This was my first time whitening my teeth professionally. Jon was amazing!!! He was super nice, clean and informative. I was extremely satisfied with the difference in the color of my teeth and the price was definitely reasonable. I 1000% recommend him to anyone!! Thank you Jon!"

Clarisol R./Allentown, PA

Flexible Schedule

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"Jon did an amazing job with my teeth; I was so amazed and happy with the results. He made sure I was comfortable the whole time and the chairs are awesome. He was also great with fitting in me at an evening hour with my busy schedule. I love the way my teeth turned out and would definitely make the hour drive again."

Ashley S./Pottstown, PA

Someone Who Cares

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"John whitened my teeth for me the other day. He did a really excellent job: they are remarkably whiter. He was also very gentle and made sure my lips and gums were protected. 
John's place of business is clean and modern, and in general, a business run by someone who cares. John seemed like such a delightful fellow that I found myself wishing I had some more stained teeth..."

Ricki B./Bethlehem, PA

Direct Ride from Northern NJ

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"I made a last minute decision to join my husband for this experience. The drive from Northern NJ was smooth and direct. We were greeted with a smile and quite a meticulous environment. Jonathan is highly educated and experienced on teeth whitening, taking great pride in his work. Was I surprised to find my teeth could actually become so white, never thought I needed it."

Dolores F./Ramsey, NJ

Great Affordable Experience

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"Jon is awesome! He made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process...and on top of that, who doesn’t love watching cartoons and listening to great tunes?! In addition, I can’t believe how white my teeth got! I thought my teeth were already pretty white until I saw a side by side comparison. Amazing! I definitely recommend New Wave to anyone interested in teeth whitening... New Wave offers a  great, affordable experience."

Stefanie J./Bethlehem, PA

1/2 the Price of Dental Office

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"I figured I would give this place a shot after my dentist quoted me $460 for a teeth whitening session which was much more than I wanted to spend. Wasn't really sure what to expect here but I am very happy with the overall results. I paid almost half of what I would have spent and even got a take home maintenance kit....Thank you!"

Wesley S./Easton, PA

Fair Price

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"Went to Jon at New Wave for a teeth whitening session. Fair price! Fantastic results! Jon is highly knowledgeable about the process and was more than happy to answer any/all of my questions. The results are instant and he'll show you before and after photos of your teeth when the procedure is over. Thanks again!"

Matthew F./Phoenixville, PA

Worth the Trip from New Jersey

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"A wonderful teeth whitening experience for me. Fun, too. Definitely worth the trip over from New Jersey."

Gino F./Ramsey, NJ

Best Teeth Whitening System

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"Seriously the best teeth whitening system I've ever tried! Thank you Jon for being super flexible with my schedule and making this experience a great one!!"

Christian M./Bethlehem, PA

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