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Are You a Good Candidate for Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening?

Even though many people want to get professional teeth whitening done, it may not suit everyone. Here is how to determine if professional in-office teeth whitening is for you.

Smiling woman with professional teeth whitening and holding an orange

Professional teeth whitening is a popular procedure that is gaining loads of popularity. After all, who doesn’t want pearly whites and a perfect smile?

However, not everyone can get their teeth whitened professionally. This process mainly depends on your oral health. Based on what made your teeth yellow in the first place, we can determine if this procedure will work for you.

You can get your teeth whitened in cases of external staining. Teeth whitening is best for external stains, as well as some deeper intrinsic stains, such as tetracycline.

So, are you a good candidate for professional teeth whitening? If you are, this article will help you determine if teeth whitening is the best procedure for you. It is best to make an informed decision before you spend money and time on a procedure that may not work for you.

Do You Have a Lot of Existing Dental Work?

Teeth whitening often does not affect dental restorations you have gotten in the past, such as dental fillings and crowns. This means that if you’ve gotten work done on your teeth, you can still be a candidate for whitening. Crowns and fillings can be more resistant to the bleach that’s used in teeth whitening treatments. However, many crowns are toward the back of the mouth and fillings often match the existing teeth. Depending on when you got the filling, there may not be any issue with the whitening/matching of the teeth in color.

If you do opt for professional teeth whitening, you may find that there is a difference between your natural teeth and those that have had pre-existing dental work done on them. After the whitening, you may notice some variation depending on the age of the work and location in the mouth.

Do You Suffer from Enamel Loss?

If your teeth have become yellow over time because the protective enamel layer on top has vanished, you may still be a candidate for teeth whitening. Enamel loss can be a result of exposure to acidic products, teeth grinding, or aging. However, you can still have your teeth whitened, remembering that the whitening process can never go beyond your original genetic dentin color which is beneath the enamel.

Are Your Teeth Covered with Plaque?

If you answered “no” to this question, congratulations – you can certainly get your teeth professionally whitened. However, in case you have tartar build-up and plaque-covered teeth, it is best to get your teeth cleaned before your teeth whitening session.

Getting your teeth cleaned professionally will help get rid of stains, and hence, whiten your teeth to a degree. Lifestyle habits like brushing twice a day and flossing after every meal should also be adopted.

The best thing about professional teeth whitening is that you can get it done any time you want. However, we would strongly recommend that your mouth be in the best shape before you make a hasty decision.

Here at New Wave Accelerated Teeth Whitening in Bethlehem PA, we pride ourselves in using fresh all-natural gels manufactured daily in the USA and FDA cleared. There is no gluten and no preservatives. Our clients with dental work, crowns, and problematic teeth have been overwhelmingly pleased with the results of our in-office teeth whitening procedure. We typically whiten teeth between 5-14 shades brighter.

Jonathan Erik, Owner

New Wave Accelerated Teeth Whitening

Certified Teeth Whitening Technician


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