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What Kind of Stains Does Professional Teeth Whitening Remove?

Do you have some stains on your teeth that you want to get rid of? Maybe teeth whitening procedures can help you! Read below to find out which stains can be removed through these procedures.

Professional teeth whitening is one of the best ways to improve your smile and brighten those pearly whites without going through a bank-breaking surgery or dental procedure. Hydrogen peroxide is used as a whitening agent to get rid of the bonds of discolored molecules that cause your teeth to look yellow. As soon as these bonds are broken down, your body absorbs them, and your teeth look like they are ready for a Colgate photoshoot.

So, what kind of stains does professional teeth whitening remove? Professional teeth whitening can be used to get rid of several kinds of stains. However, first, you need to understand the two stains that cause teeth to look yellow and discolored. One of them is extrinsic staining that can be found on the enamel layer of the teeth. The second kind is intrinsic staining that is found in the dentin layer.

Below are some stains that can be removed by professional teeth whitening:

1. Stains Caused by Foods and Beverages

Over time, the foods we eat on a daily basis can start to affect our teeth health, as well as the actual color of our teeth. Coffee makes the teeth more yellow or brown when consumed regularly, while red wine can make the teeth look orange.

These stains fall in the extrinsic category since they cause damage to the tooth enamel. However, the good news is that stains that are caused as a result of foods and beverages can be easily removed.

2. Stains Caused by Medications

You may be surprised to know this, but some medications can also cause the teeth to lose their color. These include high blood pressure medications, as well as other medications, such as antihistamines and antipsychotics.

Moreover, other medicines like tetracycline and doxycycline can make the teeth lose their color. Other procedures like chemotherapy and neck radiation may also be responsible for causing stains on the teeth. Based on what causes these stains, teeth whitening procedures can help get rid of them and whiten the teeth again.

3. Stains Caused by the Consumption of Tobacco

Not only is tobacco terrible for your health, but it is also terrible for your teeth. The prolonged use of tobacco causes stains to show up on the tooth enamel. These stains fall in the extrinsic category as they are formed as a result of nicotine and tar found in tobacco.

Since tar is dark in color, it can stain the teeth and make them look darker. Moreover, when nicotine is mixed with the surrounding air, it produces a yellow tint. The good news is that teeth whitening procedures can help get rid of these stains so that your teeth look perfectly white.

It is important to note that professional teeth whitening will only whiten teeth to a certain degree. The level of whitening will not go beyond the natural color of your dentin, which is the intrinsic layer of the tooth. All dentin is made up of some degree of “yellow”. The question is “how yellow is your dentin?”

At New Wave Accelerated Teeth Whitening in Bethlehem, PA we use a plant grade hydrogen peroxide. It is all natural and is made fresh in the USA without gluten or preservatives. We have been highly successful at whitening teeth in our office as attested to by our many


Jonathan Erik, Owner, New Wave Accelerated Teeth Whitening Certified Teeth Whitening Technician


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